Enzac Research Announces Partnership With Crypto Booster

We are excited to announce one of our partners Crypto Booster, an international incubator for crypto startups.

With years of crypto marketing experience, they have already accumulated a repertoire of resources and expertise in both Western and Asian markets.

With the same vision of helping crypto projects in achieving exceptional growth, we will reach new heights in the blockchain space.

About Enzac Research

Founded in 2021, Enzac Research is a Advisor x Incubator x Investor in the blockchain space. We raise the bar for what blockchain start-up founders should expect from venture investors, by providing on-the-ground support to start-ups including token economics advisory, go-to-market strategy, partnership, investment and community management.

The founding team members are experienced professionals from MBB consulting and Tier-1 banking who understand how organizations work and how crypto projects could disrupt the world. Enzac Research adopts a philosophy of value investing and making key investments with a long time horizon in early stage funding rounds and secondary markets. With a strong focus on driving digital innovation and providing added values, Enzac Research ensures long term success for their partners and community.

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About Crypto Booster

Crypto Booster is an international and professional incubator that provides one-stop incubating services for crypto startups. In particular, in tandem with the growth of multi chains, Crypto Booster has engaged deeply in multichain development and served many innovative new projects, by branding, marketing strategy developing, increasing brand recognition, composing marketing content, and executing marketing activities, connecting financial investors, etc.

Being the bridging gateway between the Western and Eastern crypto industry, Crypto Booster is committed to building the biggest B2B crypto network and help projects achieve further growth in the global market.

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Enzac Research

Founded in 2021, Enzac Research is a researcher x incubator x investor in the blockchain space.